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healthier you.

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A healthy life is a good life. We provide a fun class for you to be challenged, ecouraged and successful. We believe in building relationships, coaching our members and caring for one another.

The path to a healthier you starts here!

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From the first day I became a member of CF184, I have felt welcomed, encouraged and inspired. This is truly a wonderful group of people who I consider dear friends and extended family.

There is never judgment or shame, just a great team of coaches who are there to help you achieve your daily, weekly and long term fitness and nutrition goals.

The best gym experience ever!


Excellent coaches who care about each individual as a whole, not just physical fitness! These guys go over and above for all members of the gym! I've been working out here for almost 4 years, visited many xfit gyms all over the US, and I am very proud to call CF184 my home gym!


Great coaching and programming. I was a coach at another CrossFit gym and came to 184 because of their focus on lifting technique and commitment to progress.

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