MyZone Cardio

A Bootcamp class online any other!
This class utilizes a Heart Rate Tracking system that keeps athletes working at the optimal intensity. Exercising at different Heart Rate Zones achieves different results. The MyZone Bootcamp Class focuses on workouts that target the "Fat Burning Zone". Athletes wear a HR Strap that continuously measures and projects their HR and HR Zone onto a live projection screen. This feedback guides our trainers allowing them to know when to push an athlete and exactly what intensity they are in without guessing. 
MyZone Bootcamp Members keep their HR Monitor as long as they are members of CF184 allowing them to workout and use the technology outside of the gym through the smart-phone app. 

Step 1:

Reserve Your Spot

This program is limited in size! Fill out the form below with the message "MyZone Bootcamp" to claim your spot now!.


Month to Month: $90

3mo Pre-Pay: $255

Step 2:

Receive Your HR Strap

You will be assigned a MyZone HR Strap to use during the 6 week period. This strap can be used outside of the gym and syncs wirelessly with any smart-phone. The MyZone App will track your progress over the next 6 weeks give you live feedback for every workout. 

Step 3:

Get Results!

Results are best achieved with consistent class attendance! Come to class and workout in the Fat Burning Zone. Workouts are fun and different everyday. Expect a bootcamp style atmosphere with many timed intervals programmed.

Class Schedule:

MyZone Cardio


5:00am to 6:00am



Make Up Classes and Open Gym

Missed classes will not be rescheduled. However MyZone Members are welcome to use the CF184 Facility during any Open Gym time. This is an opportunity to make up missed class or get in an extra workout! 

Claim your spot,

class sizes are limited.

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