The F.A.Q.

When does the transformation begin?

Registration opens January 1, 2019
The transformation runs from January 14th through April 5th
Visit a memorial lab location at City Gate or Memorial Hospital from Jan 7th-Jan 18th 2019 to redeem your voucher. No appointment necessary.

What is the cost and what is included?

In celebration of the New Year we are offering this transformation for $90 (over 30% off regular price)

Over the course of the 12 weeks you will receive:

  • 2 lab tests performed by Memorial Health

  • 2 lab tests reviews provided by a Memorial Health Sports Medicine Physician

  • 12+ week access to a Private Facebook group providing accountability, recipe

    sharing, answering questions and more

  • 40+ tasks to complete over the span of 12 weeks to keep you on track for success

  • Access to the Wodify Rise phone app

    • Track your progress and points along the way

    • View and learn about your daily tasks

    • Encourage others on the live leaderboard

  • Weekly emails for encouragement and reminders

  • A lifestyle transformation that will continue to deliver results for years to come


What to expect:

This 12 week transformation is split into 4 different phases, each phase is 3 weeks long.

In Phase 1 we will work on building a healthy lifestyle by learning small habits that will accumulate over time. Some of these tasks include things like getting 7 hours of sleep, drinking 12oz of water with each meal and turning off all electronics 1 hour before bed.


In Phase 2 we shift our focus to what we are eating. Tasks during this phase include things like packing a healthy lunch, finding an alternative snack, recognizing eating habits and cooking your protein for the week.

After taking 6 weeks to work the basics and create habits we will begin to get more specific in Phase 3. 


During these 3 weeks you will be challenged to eat more specific types of foods and

meals. Tasks include things such as eating a high fat breakfast, eating mostly vegetables and getting protein in at each meal.

Finally, in Phase 4, we put it all together! These 3 weeks are the most challenging of all 12. During this phase we will choose 1-2 tasks from each of the previous phases to complete each day. This progressive model will set you up for success, if you have been doing your best in the previous phases you will be prepared for phase 4.


Do I have to measure my food?

No! There is no weighing, measuring, macro tracking or calorie counting involved in this transformation. We are focused on creating habits that last beyond the 12 weeks.

Will I lose weight?

The primary goal of this transformation is to improve health and wellness. We are looking for a positive change in health markers from your lab tests performed by Memorial Health over the 12 weeks. However you can expect to lose weight as a side effect of the transformation.

How do I track my points?

We will be running this transformation through the Wodify Rise app (available on iPhone and Android). When you open the app you will see the tasks for the day. Once you complete the task you will select “Task Complete” and receive the allotted number of points for that task. Within the Wodify Rise app you will be able to see how many points you have, the tasks you have completed, tasks that are coming up soon and more!

Do I have to do lab testing to participate?

Lab testing is NOT required to participate in the challenge. However our goal is focused on general health and wellness. We will track our results through lab testing. You will likely see other results like losing a few pounds, feeling more energized, having higher focus, losing cravings, etc.

How does the lab testing work?

Once your sign up for the transformation you will stop by CrossFit 184 to pick up your Lab Test voucher. Contact Memorial Health to schedule your initial lab test within the dates before January 18th. After the transformation has begun we will schedule a time for a Memorial Health representative to be available for lab test review.

Are you interested?

Let us know and we will keep you up to date on everything you need to know! 

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